Primary Care

offered in Castle Hills, Carrollton, TX
Primary Care

Primary care gives you access to most (or all) of the medical care you need in one place. At Hands on Health Wellness Center, nurse practitioner Jerria Bernestine, FNP, and the team of skilled medical care professionals offer annual exams, medical visits for illnesses, and other medical care conveniently in their Carrollton, Texas, office. Call the office or schedule your appointment through the online feature now. 

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care?

Primary care is medical care under the supervision of one provider or practice. Hands on Health Wellness Center offers complete primary care services for adults in the Carrollton area. 

What does primary care include?

Hands on Health Wellness Center provides primary care, including: 


Annual physicals

Annual physicals, or wellness visits, determine a health baseline and keep track of your health. The main goal of annual physicals is detecting problems early and preventing illness. 

Annual physicals establish a relationship with your provider so you can work with them to set goals and stay engaged in your health care. Areas covered during annual physicals include medical history review, lifestyle discussion, vital signs, check, physical exam, and lab testing. 

Your provider also recommends health screenings like Pap smears, mammograms, skin exams, and colorectal cancer screenings, according to your age and risk factors. Most adults need wellness visits every year or two. 


Medical office visits

Medical office visits are more problem-focused than annual exams. You might need an office visit when you’re sick, have a new health concern, or need to follow up on a problem diagnosed during your annual exam. 

Medical office visits also cover chronic condition care for diabetes, high blood pressure, and other conditions. They also cover specific testing needs, like allergy testing.

Medical office visits can cover prescriptions, medication changes, weight loss, and on-site treatments like platelet-rich plasma therapy or immunotherapy. 


Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals

DOT physicals confirm health and physical skills related to safe commercial driving. The exam includes a variety of tests to check vision, hearing, blood pressure, blood sugar, and other areas. 

Your exam results determine whether you’re at risk of a sudden health crisis while on the road. Chronic conditions don’t always cause exam failure. 

For example, if you have high blood pressure but get your blood pressure under control (under 140/90 mmHg), you can still pass the DOT physical. 

Hands on Health Wellness Center also offers referrals to specialists where needed.

Does insurance cover primary care?

Most health insurance plans cover primary care services. Hands on Health Wellness Center accepts major health insurance plans, including: 

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • United Healthcare
  • Cigna
  • Medicare
  • Molina
  • Humana

If you’re unsure whether you’re covered, reach out to the office so a team member can help. 

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