IV Vitamin Therapy

offered in Castle Hills, Carrollton, TX
IV Vitamin Therapy

Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy is growing more popular and accessible every day because patients love the instant health boost it provides. At Hands on Health Wellness Center, caring nurse practitioner Jerria Bernestine, FNP, offers IV therapy conveniently in the Carrollton, Texas, office and through their mobile IV bar that can come to you. Click online scheduling or call the office to book your IV therapy session now.

IV Vitamin Therapy Q & A

What is IV therapy?

Intravenous (IV) therapy provides an infusion of vitamins and other nutrients intravenously. Not too long ago, you could only get IV therapy in the hospital or as an emergency treatment for conditions like dehydration, but today its uses and accessibility have greatly expanded. 

Today, many people get IV therapy for reasons like:

  • Illness recovery 
  • Immune system support
  • Hangover relief
  • Energy boost
  • Skin brightening
  • Headache relief
  • Anti-aging

Hands on Health Wellness Center offers IV therapy in the office, and you can also request the mobile IV therapy van to come to you. 

Why is IV therapy so effective?

IV therapy is so effective because of how you get the nutrients. The vitamins and other nutrients bypass your digestive system and go right into your blood. 

While eating healthy is essential for balanced health, you can only absorb and use a small portion of the vitamins you get from fruits and veggies. With IV therapy, your body can use 100% of the nutrients, and it happens immediately instead of waiting for digestion. 

Another reason why IV therapy is so effective is that you can choose specific ingredients for your needs. For example, if your micronutrient testing shows that you need more of specific vitamins, the Hands on Health Wellness Center team can customize an IV based on that. 

Which vitamins are in IV therapy? 

Many vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are available for IV therapy. Each IV formula features different ingredients, but some of the main ones are: 

  • Vitamin B12 for a faster metabolism, weight loss, and energy
  • Vitamin B7 (biotin) for hair, skin, and nail health
  • Vitamin B complex: all eight B vitamins for energy, metabolism, brain function, and more
  • Vitamin C for nail, skin, and hair health and to help with healing and illness recovery
  • Glutathione for improving gut health, fighting free radicals, and anti-aging
  • Magnesium to improve blood flow and boost athletic performance
  • Zinc to help enhance protein production, immunity, and athletic performance

Most nutrients have multiple roles in the human body, and by carefully balancing your levels of these nutrients, you can get the results you’re going for. You can discuss your goals with the team so they can design the IV therapy infusion best for you. 

IV therapy is convenient at Hands on Health Wellness Center, so call the office or book your infusion session online now.


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